Gram Panchayat Work Report 2023: ग्राम पंचायत के कार्यों को कैसे देखें?

You would also like to know the information about the work being done in the Gram Panchayat. Now the biggest and most important question that comes out is how to get Panchayat Work Report? The functions of the Gram Panchayat include looking after and improving water sources, roads, drainage, school buildings, collecting municipal taxes and providing resources for all. Implementation of government employment programmes.

You can find the answer here. You can easily know the details of the work done in your Gram Panchayat. You don’t need to go anywhere for this. You can find this out from the comfort of your home with just one click. Let us know in detail how?

What is Gram Panchayat?

Gram Panchayats in the country started functioning for the first time in October 1959. The first Gram Panchayat was elected on 02 October 1959 in Badri village of Nagaur district of Rajasthan and it started work. In India ‘s Panchayati Raj system, there is a village or small town level Gram Panchayat or Gram Sabha , which is the main organ of India’s local self-government. Sarpanch is the highest elected representative of the Gram Sabha.

Functions of Gram Panchayat

It mainly includes things like agriculture, animal husbandry, cottage industries, sanitation, electricity, drinking water, education, sports, health, development. She looks after the works and schemes related to all these areas, helps the government in implementing them.

Gram Panchayat Work – Gram Panchayat Work Report 2023

very person has the right to know about how much work has been done in his village panchayat and how much money has been spent, but the sarpanch of the village does not tell all the people. Keeping this in mind, the government has started the website so that all the interested citizens can see the details of the works of their Gram Panchayat through their mobile or computer sitting at home. The first is the e-Gram Swaraj Portal, a website launched by the Central Government. Similarly, an app has also been launched, e-Gram Swaraj. You can easily do Gram Panchayat Work Report.

Check Progress of Gram Panchayat

  • First of all download E-Gram Swaraj App.
  • After this select the state.
  • After this you have to click on the option of District Panchayat.
  • Then select the Block Panchayat.
  • After this, the information of the village panchayat you want. Click on it.
  • Financial year option will appear in front of you, select the financial year for which you want the information.
  • Below you will be given three options. In which you can know the details of the elected representative. View approved activities. Apart from this, financial progress can also be seen. 
  • By clicking on these options, you can get complete information.

Gram Panchayat App/ Portal: How to Use

The Central Government launched the E-Gram Swaraj Portal i.e. and the E-Gram Swaraj App ( E-Gram Swaraj App ). With the help of this app, the development works of the village can be easily known. Apart from this, information about the funds being spent will also be available. The biggest advantage of this will be that there will be transparency in the work done in the Gram Panchayats. With the help of this app, any person can get complete information about the development works of Panchayats and its functioning. This app is available on Google Play Store, you can download and use it on your phone.

Check Gram Panchayat Work Report Using the Gram Panchayat Portal

In order to develop or improve the governance in Panchayati Raj Institutions across the country, Ministry of Panchayati Raj has established e-Gram Swaraj, an accessible online e-Gram Swaraj portal aimed at distributed planning, progress reporting and task-based To improve accounting transparency.

One can view the progress of Panchayats, depending on the data uploaded and the time period.

The web address of the portal is  

Each panchayat can configure their website to be accessed using a URL of their choice and contribute content.

The cyber face of Panchayat in India!

  • Offers unique web presence for each Panchayat
  • Facilitates easy management of contents
  • Allows organization of contents for simple and easy access
  • Simple and user-friendly interfaces
  • Strong authentication mechanism
  • Powered by open source technologies
  • Accessible through Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome
  • Developed using HTML5 and CSS3
  • BharatNet-Connected GPs

Gram Panchayat Work Report Check Click Here

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Check Gram Panchayat Work Report on the web portal

  • Firstly open the portal web address   which you can type in the browser and the homepage will be displayed.
  • In the analysis report, click on it to open a new page where you have to select the plan year
  • Then the location where you want to view the data, and finally “Planned Unit” from which you can choose between “Zilla Panchayat”. “Block Panchayat,” and “Gram Panchayat” to view information about Panchayats.
  • Finally, click on the “Good Report” button.

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